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Last summer we had to cut a large tree down (see photo) at the Wildlife Watch when a dead branch fell. The county grounds committee handles such things and when they took the tree down they let it fall toward the stream and left it there. At first I thought it would be a hazard (and fun) for kids that might like to walk down its trunk to the stream. However I now see it as a potential habitat for wildlife and an opportunity. It did change the shady nature of some of the Wildlife Watch Garden though. Today I planted daylilies (Hemerocallis) that like sun but can tolerate some shade. I hope they will get enough sun to thrive.

Today’s accomplished work list for the Wildlife Watch Garden at Sunplace Special: A Children’s Garden:

  • Dug six holes in in ground full of roots from fallen tree
  • Planted six daylilies (Hemerocallis) H. ‘Happy Returns’ and a legacy daylily of mine that may be a tetraploid
  • Mulched the daylily bed
  • Moved moss from the now-sunny pathway to a shady area I’m developing as a hidden nook for kids
  • Helped Jack move big log to end of garden pathway; it was so heavy we had to roll it into place. I intend to highlight it as a ‘bug home’ (see photo) Wildlife Watch
  • Weeded hosta and daylily beds
  • Hoed pathways prior to Jack’s mulching
  • Pulled up and stacked bricks from an uneven and unattractive sitting area
  • Waited for the ants to move their eggs – such tiny ants have such large eggs!
  • Shoveled a wheel barrel’s worth of soil onto the brick site to level the area
  • Re-laid the bricks into a diamond shape; didn’t plan well enough though, the pattern is not yet correct
  • It’s still a Work In Progress

A New Sign for the Wildlife Watch

Today I’m painting a new sign for the Wildlife Watch garden. It will replace the last sign that broke after four years of exposure to the elements. The first sign was made from an antique slate roofing tile. I think it probably got banged around by the wind and broke against the tree it hung upon (see photo). Despite that I’m going to use slate again because I have a free supply and I like the rustic look that compliments the Wildlife Watch garden’s style.

Please understand I have no illusions that I’m an artist but I want the sign to be legible.  I hope to get stencils of wildlife to add some idea that we aren’t looking for lions, tigers, and bears but rather insects, toads, and birds. Not that deer aren’t in the vicinity (that’s why I applied human hair around vulnerable plants), but they are shy.

The first sign had white letters but this time I wanted to add some kid-friendly colors so I used the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. As I wrote this I took photos of the new sign and I must say it might look a little too rustic – dirty even. I may have to rethink the whole thing. It seems this too is a Work In Progress. Perhaps I will paint the background of the sign a solid color like black. What do you think?