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Springtime at the Garden 2012


Perennial Plant Association’s 2012 plant of the year

OSUE Trumbull County Master Gardener Volunteers (MGVs) are having their annual plant sale tomorrow, May 12, 2012. Today we organized plants donated from MGV’s personal gardens. We have sun and shade perennials, herbs, vegetables, and shrubs. We will also have vendors selling crafts, jewelry, and succulents. One of our own MGVs will give a free presentation: “Container Gardening with Vegetables and Adaptive Gardening Tips.” Trumbull 4H will offer lunch items for sale.

We also hope to have the Perennial Plant Association’s 2012 plant of the year: Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost.’ However, we are having some difficulty finding a large enough supply of this favorite shade plant (see PPA’s photo above). The Perennial Plant Association (http://www.perennialplant.org/) says they annually choose a plant that is noticeably better than its genera competition. The chosen plant must grow across growing climates, be easy to care for with multiple-season appeal and exhibit pest and superior disease resistance.

Proceeds from this sale help Trumbull County MGVs offer many services to Trumbull County residents.  Our programs offer Eldercare Enrichment at local nursing homes, School Enrichment at several middle schools, and a hotline for home, yard and garden queries. We also offer monthly presentations on various gardening subjects.

We also maintain a RED (research, education, and development) sample garden that educates via three component gardens. The quarter acre garden shows what a homeowner can accomplish in just one quarter of an acre. It includes herb, annuals, perennials, grasses, and rose sections. The RED garden also includes Sunplace Special: A Children’s Garden (where I volunteer most of my time) and a Phenology Garden. Sunplace Special is a garden designed to introduce kids to gardening and the great outdoors. The Phenology Garden is part of OSU’s Phenology Garden Network that studies “recurring biological phenomena and their relationship to weather” through dozens of gardens across Ohio. You can learn more here: http://phenology.osu.edu/

I find the MGV work rewarding on many different levels and hope to contribute for some time at the Wildlife Watch area of Sunplace Special. Even though we’ve been working on it for four years it still remains an ongoing effort, a diamond in the rough, a Work In Progress Garden!