About me


Hi! I’m Susan Berlin and I garden in a small town in NE Ohio.

The first thing you should know is that my garden is not a show-place garden. It has its moments of beauty and seconds of perfection but it will never be flawless. What fun would that be? To me, my garden is a place of learning, a place to study each new specimen until it teaches me its secrets. A confirmed plant addict, I’m always looking for that new plant that will teach me more about the wonderfully diverse kingdom of plants. I especially love flowers and am always seeking the holy grail of  successive bloom.

I’m also an internet info junky. I love researching the best growing techniques and trying them. When I do find something that works for me I want to share it. Hopefully, here I can get a dialogue going with other gardeners seeking that elusive quality: perfection.

Yes, my garden is a work-in-progress. And so is the gardener.

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