My Ohio Digs Gardening Blog

In 2007 I started my first blog, OHIO DIGS GARDENING, at Blogger. I wanted the blog to become a group blog of my master gardener volunteer (MGV) class. I figured we could expand our classroom experience by interacting outside the classroom setting. I wanted to get the other MGV interns to help create a dialogue by also writing blog posts and commenting.

This idea never took off. I think my fellow classmates were not convinced that this blog thing could have any value. Additionally, many people were hesitant because of internet privacy issues. Unfortunately these are still issues I face today as I try to incorporate social media websites into our MGV program. Most MGVs only visit our Facebook page occasionally to learn about events. I can count on one hand the number of MGVs that are registered on Twitter and Pinterest. All of these social media could expand our program exponentially but I still have yet to find a way to increase our members and their usage.

But I digress. Let’s get back to the OHIO DIGS GARDENING blog. Google is changing their Blogger accounts and when I updated to the new account settings I also imported OHIO DIGS GARDENING into this WORK IN PROGRESS GARDEN blog.  When the import was complete it listed all of my 2007-8 posts to the top of my ‘Categories’ heading on my sidebar. So now it is chronologically backwards.

If you have imported a Blogger account into WordPress and know how to fix my sidebar issue please leave a comment for me. I need help! You can access it here:  I think I imported all of the content here but I am a novice. I will figure it out eventually; my blogging too is a work in progress.

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