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Welcome to Cara, our online classmate!
It would be nice if some of you would introduce yourselves and your interests as we did in class.
I’m Susan and I have garden envy for all of our classmates with – would you believe it -acreage! My lot is 55 x 180 and the garden patch must only be a third of that, what with house, garage, driveway and veggie garden. I suppose that counts as garden but that’s the hubbie’s not mine; I just pick ‘em…
Cara, what is your garden passion or madness, as the case may be?

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  1. Hello Susan! Hello everyone!

    Sorry it’s taken so long to respond. Life gets crazy sometimes. I just went through one of those times.

    I love perennials and I love spring bulbs. Just about any kind or variety. I do have some favorites; but, I definitely am not stuck in a rut. I have a small house on a small city lot. (50′ x 130′) I have managed to absorb most of the front yard into the garden. The back yard just got a major hit. I had to have a dying maple tree removed, so now all my shade-loving plants (ferns, hostas, lamium, etc.) need to be transplanted. As you can imagine with a lot as small as mine, there aren’t too many options. I guess I’ll have to lose more of my grass in the back and make the perennial bed larger. (oh, darn)

    I have a ton of pictures, but I had a virus hit my computer in the fall and I have to retrieve some from my Walgreen’s account. It’s a long story, but I’m not sure that the virus didn’t get through their virus protector. I’ll get some pictures posted soon.

    I also love feeding the birds and attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to my yard.

    The class so far has been very challenging for me, but I love the information. It’s definitely worth the effort.

    Good luck to everyone and hope you do well in your studies!

  2. Several years back I also had a maple removed (the arborist said it was planted in the wrong spot. I still haven’t transplanted all the so-called shade lovers and many still thrive such as ferns, sweet woodruff, dog-tooth violet, trillium and hostas. So don’t worry if time doesn’t allow for transplanting all at once; plants do like to survive and do adapt quite well. On my way to see your pics. Glad to “see” you, Cara.

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