Garden Journal for May 18, 2012

Plants blooming in my garden on today, May 18th are:


Alliums, Muscari (a couple on the wall), bearded iris (different variety), Jack in the pulpit (corm)


Columbines, Solomon’s Seal (waning, seeds forming), Thalictrum (waxing), sweet woodruff (waning), Geraniums (newer cultivars now also in bloom), Forget-me-nots, Lunaria (waning, pods forming)), Tradescantia, Trillium, Brunnera, Dianthus, creeping thyme (full bloom), sedums (waxing), catmint (waxing), yarrow (waxing), lady’s mantle (full)


Clematis (full!), Dutch man’s pipe (full)  


Azalea (nearly done), Japanese flowering quince (still a few blooms!), Rhododendron (full), lilacs (sparse bloom this year), peonies (waxing), mock orange (bud stage), container rose (need to check records for the name), wall rose (check records for name), heirloom climbing rose (unknown name, bud stage)


Heliotrope, Alyssum


As I posted before, I use the term ‘waxing’ (as in moon stage) to represent those flowers between bud stage and full lush bloom. As blooms are declining or finishing from full bloom stage, I use the term ‘waning’ (also as in moon stage).

This week I’ve reformatted my categories to all caps and a larger, colored non-serif font. learning how to format WordPress will have to wait for another day. 

 I also expanded the category ‘BULBS’ to ‘BULBS, CORMS AND RHIZOMES.’ I then moved iris to this more definitive category.  I also moved roses from ‘PERENNIALS’ (which they are technically) to ‘SHRUBS AND TREES’ where they are usually listed in my horticultural resources.

I also want to note here that it has been nine days since I took bloom inventory. This was due to familial duties but I want to also pay attention to the differing time spans between the bloom inventories. My ideal is to record blooms weekly on the same day but I have yet to achieve this. After all I am still a Work In Progress gardener.

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