Plant Shopping 5-17-12

Trumbull County Extension’s Home Yard and Garden Information Programs are arranged by Master Gardener Volunteers (MGVs). They offer further educational credits and provide information for county residents too. Today’s presentation was given by a (very private and therefore unnamed) MGV on the subject of succulents. The focus today was on Sedum, a member of the Crassulaceae family of succulents. The most well-known sedum is probably Hens & Chicks.

We saw many different sedums and learned their idiosyncrasies specific to our locale. Many of us went home with $2 sedums propagated from the speaker’s home garden. I got a linear variegated and a green moss sedum (see photo). I have some volunteer sedums that are thriving and want to grow these with it. I have had trouble growing sedums despite their reputation ass easy-to-care for plants. Our speaker stressed that many sedums want superb drainage. I think this is the secret to my volunteer’s success. It grows over what was once a gravelly driveway turn-around. Time will tell.

But that wasn’t all the shopping for the day.  Fellows Riverside Gardens (FRG) began its annual, three-day Spring Plant Sale today. FRG is one of the jewels of Youngstown, Ohio and operated by Mill Creek MetroParks. The twelve-acre display garden is free and open to the public. Their plant sale offers many hard-to-find plants. I’ve been going for about 15 years and my garden still has many of my FRG purchases.

delphinium, foxglove, alyssum, and sedum
Today’s FRG buys!

Today’s FRG purchases were: Delphinium ‘Bellamosum’ (larkspur), Digitalis x mertonensis (foxglove), Alyssum ‘Snow Crystals’ (sweet alyssum) and Sedum dasyphyllum ‘Himalayan Skies’ (stonecrop). The picture shows them as listed, top to bottom and with the sedum on the left.

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