Garden Journal for May 9, 2012

It has been a very busy week preparing for the plant sale and I forgot to post my blooms for the second week of May 2012. I did, however, take a photo journal on May 9, 2012. I will use those photos to make my official list for plants blooming during the second week of May 2012. Many are still blooming from last week and are included so I can track how long blooms last and how those bloom periods overlap.

Plants blooming in my garden May 9th were:

Bulbs: giant alliums, Star of Bethlehem, Hyacinthoides (white, pink, purple and blue), Muscari (waning/finishing)

Perennials: Columbines, Solomon’s Seal, Thalictrum, sweet woodruff, bearded iris, Geraniums, Forget-me-nots, Lunaria, Ajuga, Tradescantia, Trillium, Brunnera, Dianthus, creeping thyme (full bloom), container rose (need to check records for the name)

Shrubs/trees: Azalea, Japanese flowering quince (amazingly still with bloom though waning/finishing), Rhododendron (full bloom), and lilacs (waxing/beginning)

Since my journal is a work-in-progress too, I’ve decided this week to delete those things no longer in bloom and highlight things newly in bloom. I’m also developing a way to track the bloom stage. I’m using the term ‘waxing’ (as in moon stage) for flowers that are between bud stage and full lush bloom. As blooms are declining or finishing from full bloom stage, I’m using the term ‘waning’ (also as in moon stage).

Let me know what you think? Is the highlighting easy enough to read? Does waxing and waning make sense to you when applied to bloom stage?

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