A New Sign for the Wildlife Watch

Today I’m painting a new sign for the Wildlife Watch garden. It will replace the last sign that broke after four years of exposure to the elements. The first sign was made from an antique slate roofing tile. I think it probably got banged around by the wind and broke against the tree it hung upon (see photo). Despite that I’m going to use slate again because I have a free supply and I like the rustic look that compliments the Wildlife Watch garden’s style.

Please understand I have no illusions that I’m an artist but I want the sign to be legible.  I hope to get stencils of wildlife to add some idea that we aren’t looking for lions, tigers, and bears but rather insects, toads, and birds. Not that deer aren’t in the vicinity (that’s why I applied human hair around vulnerable plants), but they are shy.

The first sign had white letters but this time I wanted to add some kid-friendly colors so I used the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. As I wrote this I took photos of the new sign and I must say it might look a little too rustic – dirty even. I may have to rethink the whole thing. It seems this too is a Work In Progress. Perhaps I will paint the background of the sign a solid color like black. What do you think?

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  1. Very cool. The primary colors will be great for kids (and easy for older folks to read..) I love the idea of using slate!

  2. Thanks Winnie for the kind words; I clearly am no artist! But info is most important here. I think the new letters were smaller so I want to outline them with black for emphasis – I wonder if a permanent marker will work. The slate does have that rustic look I’m after. I’m also planning on stenciling on some critters and polyurethane for protection. Thanks for posting!

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