I Joined NanBloPoMo today, May Day 2012!

NaBloPoMo is a blogging stimulus to get people blogging by posting daily. Since I have problems in this area I intend to give it a shot despite it being the busiest gardening month in Ohio. The NanBloPoMo theme for the month of May is “PLAY.” I’m going to be playing in the dirt all month long!

Today’s post addresses what gardening chores I hope to accomplish today:

  • Weed alley bed at home garden
  • Locate Rosa Jeanne La Joie for Sunplace Special: A Children’s Garden’s trellis
  • Design info for sign in Wildlife Watch area of Sunplace Special: A Children’s Garden
  • Water plants bought Thursday for home garden
  • Cancel one garden lecture in favor of another garden center road trip
  • Add Popcorn plant to Sunplace Special: A Children’s Garden’s database
  • Track plants blooming today in my home garden

 I’ll let you know how I did tomorrow! You can find out more about NaBloPoMo here:


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