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My Garden Bloom Journal July 29, 2007

Blooming the week of July 29, 2007:
Annuals: Allysum, Hollyhock, Impatiens, Cosmos, Cleome, Angelonia, Salvia, NG Impatiens, Zinnias.
Perennials: Phlox, Balloon/Platycodon, Rosa (but the Japanese Beetles get most), Veronica, Daylily (mostly done), Coreopsis, Gaura, Geranium (mostly done), Hosta, Hydrangea, Knautia, Verbena bonariensis, Kniphofia/torch lily, Daisy, Salvia, Rudbeckia, White Obedience Plant, Kansas Gay Feather.
Bulbs: Gladiolus (corm)

Vermiculite Shopping

I finally went to Kraynak’s and asked about the large-grain vermiculite that we were told about during propagation class. Someone said Kraynak’s had it… t’aint so!

Kraynak’s buyer showed me his stock of vermiculite: small bags that are available everywhere and huge bags probably only carried at nurseries.

However, they were both the small-size grains and when I said I would check again in the spring he said it was the only grain size/texture he had ever carried and would remain so.

If anyone knows where else to get the large-grain vermiculite please leave a comment or post to the blog with said source.

Perhaps I will try to contact the propagation presenter and see where he gets his. Let ya’ know the outcome.

Garden Bloom Journal July 14, 2007

My original idea was to keep track of what blooms and when. Then I can know what to expect in following years and to use this journal to help when purchasing plants in the future. Thus I can fill in those areas and times when color is lacking.

In that vein, for the week of July 14, 2007:
Annuals: Allysum, Hollyhock, Impatiens, Cosmos, Cleome, Angelonia, Salvia, NG Impatiens
Perennials: Phlox, Balloon/platycodon, Rosa, Veronica, Daylily, Coreopsis, Geranium, Hosta, Hydrangea Knautia, Verbena Bonariensis, Kniphofia/torch lily, Daisy, Salvia.

I didn’t list the different cultivars of each; if you want to know more about them then you must post to the blog or email me.