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Pesticide info update

I tried to go to the previously mentioned website of and had difficulty putting it in the search engine – duh. But when I put it in the address bar I was sent straight to the site. However it still was confusing to me. The file we want there is listed as 504.2007.edition.orn…
This gives the pdf file Steve was talking about. Try it out.


I was surprised that after this cold spell and freezing temperatures my clump of daffodils have uprighted themselves and look about 85% ok. They were covered at one time by about 10″ of snow and I thought they were all history.
I also want to share this brand new website I listen to his talk show In The Garden on Saturday mornings from 7 to 9 AM.
He has practical advice for the current conditions in our area.
Also check out Gardening by the Bale information. I want to try it this year and plant a few tomatoes and peppers while giving the garden a rest from these plants.
Susan the websites you shared with us are very nice, so much info to check out.
Time to work on my test, they seem to get longer and more confusing

Pesticide Guide

Check out the Newsletter for a Steve-suggested download about pesticides. It’s from Franklin county and Steve says “This guide provides the recommended insecticide active ingredient(s) for the most common insects and mites AND some brand name products that contain them.

There are four sections in this guide; general landscape pests, specific pests of trees and shrubs, annuals and perennials, and insecticide tables that list active ingredients and brand name products. The “General Use Pesticides for Home Lawns” is also available and is a similar format.”

The address is

You can check the newsletter for more info about the download.

Frosty Daffodils

Because of our lovely weather I had to cut the daffodils that were blooming and bring them in. Bouquets are nice but the yard will be bare. Time will tell if it is true that those in bud stage will survive. I recently read that emerging peonies could also be in trouble from the snow and cold. Had I known sooner I could have tried covering them. When (?) it warms up I will do damage assessments. What are your frozen flowers?

Does anyone know where to buy the di-syston (spelling?) that is the systemic for applying to houseplants? I have nearly eradicated the scale on my house plants but fear if I quit spraying they will return. Does anyone know if di-syton is the chemical or trade name?

Veggies this week and probably more food samples from Erik Draper:)