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Our online classmate.

If you go to the first post welcoming Cara, our online classmate, you will see her response about her garden. Check it out and get to know her. Then post more info about your garden so she can get to know you/us.

Sideling Hill

“The Sideling Hill road cut is a 340-foot deep road cut where Interstate 68 cuts through Sideling Hill, about 6 miles west of Hancock in Washington County, Maryland. It is notable as an impressive man-made mountain pass, visible from miles away and one of the best rock exposures in Maryland and indeed in the entire northeastern[1] United States. Almost 810 feet of strata in a tightly folded syncline are exposed in this road cut. Although other exposures may surpass Sideling Hill in either thickness of exposed strata or in quality of geologic structure, few can equal its combination of both. There is an Exhibit Center to help provide the public with a better understanding of the geology of the cut. A pedestrian walkway bridge crosses I-68 for better access to the cut, along with a picnic area and rest area facilities.” from Maryland DNR The website is


Finally I can see grass, green and brown grass, and my mind wonders about the brown spots. Is it a disease, fungi, insects, thatch, any of those new conditions we just learned or are the weeds just dormant? We have learned so much and I wonder if I can remember and apply all that information when the grass starts to grow.

I want to share this website: It is a site where you register for free and then have access to photography information. I understand that it will allow you to post pictures on the blog and gives helpful information related to photography.

More on Hellebores

If you find the post “Assignment” wherein I queried about Hellebores you will see that we got one “outsider” post from Barry Glick in WV. If you click on ‘comment’ then ‘glickster’ then under blogs, ‘Hellebores,’ you will find cultural info about Hellebores. If you click on sunfarm you go to a web site selling flowers, I think. Need to explore it more when I have time, but it looks interesting. And there is more than Hellebores. Thanx, Barry.

Lawn Class

Who woulda thunk it? Such an enormous amount of info about caring for lawns!
It was a lot to take in in one day, hope I can recall some of it for the final exam.

For me the lawn has been something to try to spread the flower beds into; so I didn’t know there could be that much to learn. But many of the pests are present in the flowers beds, too. Especially the ground ivy and now I know that the only things that will kill it are dicamba or MCPP.

In Sunday’s Parade there was an ad that listed an offer from Scott for one of the four bags of Turf Builder free after mail-in rebate. to get the details. The bags must be purchased between 3/1/07 and 3/31/07… For those of you that may need four bags at once.

Look for an invite to team blog, coming soon.

These are some of the websites through our MG program:

in general:

for the newsletter:

this link is from state coordinator Pam and lists events around the state (Click on calendar on the left side)

I’ll be adding more and creating a sidebar to carry them asap.

Hurray, It’s Snowing!

Just kidding. It had almost all melted and now it’s back again, can’t see one green blade, leaf, or leprechaun; it is March, ya know…

My garden chores today consist of dreaming, oops, I mean planning.

  • I’m trying to recall all the plants that need divided and decide where to put the divisions.
  • What plants were too crowded last year, too close to their neighbors and need relocation? And where?
  • The roses outside the fence need transplanted inside the fence so feeding is easier. And where?
  • Trees and shrubs need pruned.
  • Need to find someone to repair the stone wall.
  • Thought I would try to pot up Dahlias to get a jump start on their growth; first find out when.

That’s enough dreaming/planning for now. What are the chores you are actually looking forward to? Because it will mean there is no more *#! SNOW.

Online classmate

Welcome to Cara, our online classmate!
It would be nice if some of you would introduce yourselves and your interests as we did in class.
I’m Susan and I have garden envy for all of our classmates with – would you believe it -acreage! My lot is 55 x 180 and the garden patch must only be a third of that, what with house, garage, driveway and veggie garden. I suppose that counts as garden but that’s the hubbie’s not mine; I just pick ‘em…
Cara, what is your garden passion or madness, as the case may be?

Gardening with houseplant scale

Here’s the info on that:

  • plants outside last summer
  • sprayed w/Safer soap upon bringing them in
  • forgot ‘em except watering thru holidays
  • Jan. comes and EEK – scales!
  • Hudson said at interview to spray again w/Safer
  • been spraying weekly since
  • leaf-drop stopped after 2nd spraying
  • still spraying and hoping
  • one 4 ft. Ficus and one 6 ft. Schefflera
  • next year I will use Di Syston as recommended by lecturer Jackie
  • let you know how they turn out