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Last summer we had to cut a large tree down (see photo) at the Wildlife Watch when a dead branch fell. The county grounds committee handles such things and when they took the tree down they let it fall toward the stream and left it there. At first I thought it would be a hazard (and fun) for kids that might like to walk down its trunk to the stream. However I now see it as a potential habitat for wildlife and an opportunity. It did change the shady nature of some of the Wildlife Watch Garden though. Today I planted daylilies (Hemerocallis) that like sun but can tolerate some shade. I hope they will get enough sun to thrive.

Today’s accomplished work list for the Wildlife Watch Garden at Sunplace Special: A Children’s Garden:

  • Dug six holes in in ground full of roots from fallen tree
  • Planted six daylilies (Hemerocallis) H. ‘Happy Returns’ and a legacy daylily of mine that may be a tetraploid
  • Mulched the daylily bed
  • Moved moss from the now-sunny pathway to a shady area I’m developing as a hidden nook for kids
  • Helped Jack move big log to end of garden pathway; it was so heavy we had to roll it into place. I intend to highlight it as a ‘bug home’ (see photo) Wildlife Watch
  • Weeded hosta and daylily beds
  • Hoed pathways prior to Jack’s mulching
  • Pulled up and stacked bricks from an uneven and unattractive sitting area
  • Waited for the ants to move their eggs – such tiny ants have such large eggs!
  • Shoveled a wheel barrel’s worth of soil onto the brick site to level the area
  • Re-laid the bricks into a diamond shape; didn’t plan well enough though, the pattern is not yet correct
  • It’s still a Work In Progress

Wildlife Watch Garden

The Wildlife Watch Garden is where I am a volunteer gardener. I’m involved in developing a kids’ garden called Sunplace Special: A Children’s Garden. This garden was the class project of the master gardener class of 2007. It consists of eight different garden areas with the following kid-friendly themes: Five Senses, Storybook, Fairy, Bird & Butterfly, Barnyard, Vegetable, Hands-On, and Wildlife Watch.

Sunplace Special has a budget that you can’t even describe as shoestring. But it has dedicated gardeners that continue to dream and  improve it each year. Already it is a place where children can learn about plants, where food originates, and  how they can help their planet Earth.

The Wildlife Watch Garden is a place where kids can learn to explore the living creatures in their own backyard and how flora and fauna interact. I will keep you updated with our trials and tribulations and hope to hear from those that have trod this path before; do you have any experience and advice for me? I’d love to hear from you.