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MG Annuals in the Garden

Here are some pictures taken at the MG Garden on August 16, after the MG meeting. It looks great; thanks to all those who worked on it!

MGV Garden Tour 2007

Pictures of the garden tour

Vermiculite Shopping

I finally went to Kraynak’s and asked about the large-grain vermiculite that we were told about during propagation class. Someone said Kraynak’s had it… t’aint so!

Kraynak’s buyer showed me his stock of vermiculite: small bags that are available everywhere and huge bags probably only carried at nurseries.

However, they were both the small-size grains and when I said I would check again in the spring he said it was the only grain size/texture he had ever carried and would remain so.

If anyone knows where else to get the large-grain vermiculite please leave a comment or post to the blog with said source.

Perhaps I will try to contact the propagation presenter and see where he gets his. Let ya’ know the outcome.

Pesticide info update

I tried to go to the previously mentioned website of and had difficulty putting it in the search engine – duh. But when I put it in the address bar I was sent straight to the site. However it still was confusing to me. The file we want there is listed as 504.2007.edition.orn…
This gives the pdf file Steve was talking about. Try it out.

Pesticide Guide

Check out the Newsletter for a Steve-suggested download about pesticides. It’s from Franklin county and Steve says “This guide provides the recommended insecticide active ingredient(s) for the most common insects and mites AND some brand name products that contain them.

There are four sections in this guide; general landscape pests, specific pests of trees and shrubs, annuals and perennials, and insecticide tables that list active ingredients and brand name products. The “General Use Pesticides for Home Lawns” is also available and is a similar format.”

The address is

You can check the newsletter for more info about the download.

Our online classmate.

If you go to the first post welcoming Cara, our online classmate, you will see her response about her garden. Check it out and get to know her. Then post more info about your garden so she can get to know you/us.

These are some of the websites through our MG program:

in general:

for the newsletter:

this link is from state coordinator Pam and lists events around the state (Click on calendar on the left side)

I’ll be adding more and creating a sidebar to carry them asap.

Gardening with houseplant scale

Here’s the info on that:

  • plants outside last summer
  • sprayed w/Safer soap upon bringing them in
  • forgot ‘em except watering thru holidays
  • Jan. comes and EEK – scales!
  • Hudson said at interview to spray again w/Safer
  • been spraying weekly since
  • leaf-drop stopped after 2nd spraying
  • still spraying and hoping
  • one 4 ft. Ficus and one 6 ft. Schefflera
  • next year I will use Di Syston as recommended by lecturer Jackie
  • let you know how they turn out